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Portrait of a Warlord,Part II:Romeo Garcia Jalosjos Sr.,Part I

Mention the name Jalosjos in Western Mindanao and many things come to mind,especially the patriarch Romeo Garcia Jalsjos Sr.'s raping of an 11 year old girl and then shamelessly using his power to try and have the case buried.Disgusting is far too weak an adjective but then Mindanao has no shortage of things"disgusting."

In 1996 Romeo Garcia Jalosjos Sr.was serving as a Congressman representing his home province of Zamboanga del Norte.Aside from serving his country (cough) he was also producing television shows such as the long running,"Eat Baluga"and the long ago cancelled"Valiente"while operating out of a sleazy office located near Robinson's Galleria,a mall in Makati City within the larger metropolis of Metro Manila.One day in February of 1996 a man named Simplicio Delantar showed up with his"daughter"in tow.She wasn't really his daughter though.The 56 year old sausage seller (I swear it's true!) is gay and has never so much as kissed a girl.Instead,aside from selling his sausages he rented rooms to the down and out of his Pasay City neighborhood.One day in 1986 Simplicio took in his own sister who made her living as a prostitute.Before long Ms.Delantar gave birth to a pretty little girl named Marie Rosilyn and convinced by Simplicio,added him as the father on the birth certificate,allowing the lonely man to have the child he thought impossible.The fact that he was now listed as the husband of his own sister didn't bother him a bit.After all,this a man who...well you will see...

By all accounts Simplicio was a doting father to his baby girl,taking her everywhere.In 1991 his sister returned and gave birth to a baby boy named Shandro who tagged along with his elder sister,who by then much preferred to be known by her middle name,Rosilyn.One supposes the people of Pasay City don't much prefer sausages because Simplicio had a very difficult time making ends meet.As a sidewalk vendor he was always meeting people from all walks of life.Some of these"walks"involved"strolling,"as in"strolling" the night...on street corners.Pimping wasn't a secure line of work but it did help him make ends meet.

In 1994,as Simplicio dragged his 2 children around with him,from hawking his sausages to delivering prostitutes a regular customer of his made a special request.An Arab man,known to Simplicio as"Mr.Hammond,"had asked for a very young girl and as he said it he smiled at 9 year old Rosilyn.That night Simplicio betrayed his adopted daughter's trust and sold her to Mr.Hammond for the evening.

By New Years of 1995 Mr.Hammond had grown tired of the now 10 year old Rosilyn and so Simplicio was looking at a different angle,trying to help his niece slash daughter slash employee break into show business.Meeting a talent scout named Eduardo Suarez who promised big things Simplicio finally agreed to bring Rosilyn to an"audition"with a well known television producer...our erstwhile Congressman from Zamboanga del Norte Province...Romeo Garcia Jalosjos Sr.

On the afternoon in question Simplicio and Rosilyn were quickly ushered into Jalosjos' water stained and rundown office by the talent scout who had preceded them.Jalosjos,talking to Simplicio,asked how old Rosilyn was.Told that she was only 10 years old but would be 11 on May 11th of that year Jalosjos just nodded his head.Seeming to think about that a bit Jalosjos then asked if Rosilyn knew how to sing.Smiling Simplicio nudged the nervous little girl who stuttered to life as she sang,"Tell Me You Love Me."Now smiling Jalosjos motioned for Rosilyn to approach.Looking from her to Simplicio he asked whether she had attractive legs but before anybody could offer an answer he took it upon himself to reach over,grab the front of her skirt and folded the hem up to the middle of her thigh.Not missing a beat Jalosjos asked the 2 men whether Rosilyn had developed breasts yet.Once again,not waiting for an answer he took his right hand and actually cupped her breast and squeezed it.

Congressman Jalosjos then told Simplicio that he could launch Rosilyn's show business"career."Excitedly Eduardo Suarez began discussing contracts with Simplicio but almost immediately Jalosjos interjected that he himself should adopt her or at the very least,have her live in his condominium in Makati City,all the better to guide and train her.With that all 3 men agreed to meet soon and to go forward with their plans for Rosilyn.As she and Simplicio turned to leave the office Jalosjos reached and handed her P2,000 (at the time,US40.00),more that a weeks pay for a physician at the time.

Before too long Simplicio took Rosilyn and her brother Shandro to Congressman Jalasjos' condominium at Makati City'Ritz Tower in Metro Manila.Obstensibly the meeting was called to discuss Jalosjos' commitment towards financing Rosilyn's education,a standard issue with Filipino child talent.The meeting proceeded cordially and at the end Rosilyn's new benafactor tipped her P500 (then US10.00),an astrnomical sum even now for a 10 or 11 year old.

At the 3rd meeting,also in that same condo,Unit #1710 at the Ritz Tower,Jalosjos had an attorney present.After small talk the Congressman regally turned to his attorney and ordered him to compose a Talent Contract for Rosilyn.After the contract was concluded and Rosilyn,Shandro and Simplicio were in the hallway waiting for the lift,Jalosjos rushed out to catch them and almost as an after thought and stuffed P3,000 into her small hands (then US60.00).

The 4th meeting,on June 18th,1995,also in Jalsjos' Makati City condo,the Congressman was in his bedroom when his guests arrived.Coming out to talk to Simplicio,Rosilyn was told by her"father"to go into Jalosjos' bedroom to watch television as the 2 men"talked."After awhile Jalosjos re-entered the bedroom,stood smiling down at her and then walked in front of her and kissed her squarely on the mouth,before going back out to the "sala,"or livingroom.As if what had just transpired had been part of a test of some sort Simpatico joined her in the bedroom.Rosilyn worriedly told her"father that the 56 year old married producer slash television producer slash degenerate pervert had just tried to stick his tongue into her mouth.Her concerned father's reply?"Halik lang naman"(It's just a kiss) and with that bid his"daughter"goodnight as he left the condo.

Her new mentor,Romeo Garcia Jalosjos the room and went into the CR (Comfort Room as Filipinos usually refer to the bathroom/lavarotory).Coming out sometime later he was clad only in an extra-long tee-shirt and had a matching one for young Rosilyn.Telling her he would help her"change her clothes"she insisted she was quite capable of handling it on her own.The wise Congressman's response?"Daddy mo naman ako"(Well,I AM your daddy afterall).With that Big Daddy Jalosjos proceeded to strip an 11 year old girl.When he got to her panties she loudly said,"Huwang po!"(Please don't do it sir!).This time he replied in English,"After all I'm your daddy."Finally dressed only in matching long tee-shirts they began watching TV but before too long"Daddy"again let his fingers do the walking.

For foreigners reading this you must understand that while the Philippine System of Justice IS directly patterned upon the American System there ARE major differences.For example,rape victims ARE identified and in fact get their identities plastered all over the domestic media.There are rare exceptions such as that poor 20 year old nurse who was volunteering for a Government Programme providing free health services in Maguindanao Province.More or less 20 men brutally gang raped her,including local politicians,but suprisingly she was given her justly deserved privacy.Unfortunately the victim in this sordid episode was denied it.How despicable it is that an 11 year old girl has had her identity tarnished in a society providing almost no therapeutic services of any kind for rape victims.

I will omit the rest of these disgusting details,allowing one to use their imagination if they dare...

Fast forward to August 16th of that same year,1995,Simplicio took Rosilyn back to Jalosjos' condo only to find the Congressman on his way out to a previous engagement.Though he asked Simplicio to bring Rosilyn back later that evening it would be the last time he would see the little girl outside of a courtroom.Simplicio DID try to drag the unwilling girl back to Jalosjos but gave up when Rosilyn threw a tantrum in public.Arriving back in Pasay City Simplicio whipped Rosilyn with a clothes hanger,something he often did.The next morning Rosilyn poured out her wounded soul to one of Simplicio's latest"houseguests."Unlike many who found succor in Simplicio's home Yamie Estrata actually had a conscious,a sense of right and wrong.Hand in hand Ms.Estrata ran with Rosilyn to the Pasay City CPO (City Police Office) and ended up with a criminal complaint that shocked the nation...for 30 minutes anyway and then it was time for"Eating Baluga."

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