Monday, June 25, 2012

GPH-NDFP Peace Process for the Second Quarter of 2012, Part II: NDFP " Ten Point Proposal for a Concise Agreement for an Immediate and Just Peace"

The informal two day meeting between delegations from both the GPH, or Government of the Philippines, and the NDFP, or National Democratic Front of the Philippines on June 14th and 15th produced nothing but smoke and mirrors, but, at least the two sides are talking publicly again. As noted in "GPH-NDFP Peace Process for the Second Quarter of 2012, Part I," both sides exchanged wish lists. Topping the GPH list was a desire for a ceasefire, and the related "Landmine" issue (a totally bogus issue that serves as the cornerstone of the AFP, or Armed Forces of the Philippines PSYOPS, or Psychological Operations/Psychological Warfare program). The NDFP response was to steer the Government back to a classified document it transmitted to President Aquino in January of 2011. Given the sleep inducing title, "Ten Point Proposal for a Concise Agreement for an Immediate and Just Peace," it will be hereafter referred to simply as, "Ten Point Proposal." Why the Government classified it is beyond me since that very same documrnt was given to to Arroyo Administration publicly in August of 2005.

The document's classification was nullified once constituent organizations within the NDFP began discussing its contents in depth. Without further ado, I present a verbatim copy of that document:


1) Unite the Filipino people through a broad alliance of patriotic and progressive forces and a clean and honest coalition government for genuine national independence and democracy against any foreign domination or control and against subsevience.

2) Empower the toiling masses of workers and peasants by respecting their democratic rights and providing for their significant representation in organs of the coalition government and for assistance to the organizations, programs and projects of the toiling masses.

3) Uphold economic sovereignity, carry out Filipino-owned national industrialization and land reform and oppose imperalist plunder and bureaucratic and military corruption in order to develop the national economy.

4) Cancel the foreign debt and reduce the appropriations for the military and other armed organizations of the GPH in order to provide adequate resources and savings for economic development, improvement of the means of livlihood, the alleviation of poverty, the realization of gender equality, promotion of children's rights and welfare and healthy environment.

5) Promote and support a patriotic, scientific and pro-people culture through the educational system, mass media and mass organizations, cherish the cultural heritage of the Filipino nation and all the ethno-linguistic communities in the nation.

6) Recognize the right to self-determination and autonomy of national minorities, ensure proportionate representation in the organs of the coalition government and institutions and provide for affirmative action to countervail longrunning discrimination and wrongs.

7) Investigate and try government officials who are liable for treason, corruption, and human rights violations.

8) Carry out a truly independent foreign policy for world peace and economic development, oppose imperialist acts of plunder and foreign aggression and intervention, and prevent the basing and stationing of foreign troops and weapons of mass destruction in the country.

9) Maintain normal trade and diplomatic relations with all countries and maintain the closest relations with other ASEAN countries, China, South and North Korea, Japan and Russia, emphasizing equitable exchange of goods, acquiring goods for industrialization and guaranteeing energy supply.

10) Inagurate a truce between the warring forces of the of the GHP and NDFP for the purpose of alliance and other constructive purposes as stated above.


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