Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mission Statement

I aim to shed light on issues too often ignored by the media, local as well as Western. The island of Mindanao, the 2nd largest of 7,107 Philippine islands has been wracked by violence , geopolitical chaos and external manipulation since recorded history first mentioned the island. As someone who first came to the island professionally, and later made it my home and relying on 27 years experience here I hope to offer something different than the usual 5 sentence blurbs or partisan banter. I do not owe political, ethnic, familial or religious allegiance to any of the various players and this should set me apart from he usual "talking head."

Any and all comments are welcome but I will reserve the right to edit out any profanity so as to circumvent search engine parameters that may limit access to my Blog. Other than profanity, I will not edit for viewpoint or ideology as I am a firm believer in civilised discourse. I need to add that my vagueness in my "Profile" is deliberate as this was the most dangerous nation for journalists BEFORE the "Maguuindanao Massacare," to say nothing of the current climate. Welcome...


  1. Thank you Sir for your blog. Its highly interesting for me, being attached to a pinoy from Zamboanga Peninsula. I will try to read most of your blog-posts. The level of details and your writing skills are impressing. Your blog consists of an abundance of valuable backgroud-information to try to understand the current situation in Mindanao. Again: - Thank you!

  2. Sorry about my late reply but I have been out of the country since New Year. Im glad you found my Blog useful and sincerely hope that things are going well for you and yoyr significant other.

  3. Hi, I'm a Japanese News director and interested in an article you wrote. Is it possible to ask you some questions by Email? Here is mine.

    Thank you!